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The Documentary Film, "One in Nine"
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the one in Nine team

“One in Nine” is an inspiring story for anyone facing cancer - or any disease.”Sherry Lansing, former Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures

"One in Nine"

Celebrating life through friendship and teamwork

Be prepared to be educated, moved and inspired by this uplifting award winning documentary.  The message is about finding one's inner strength through camaraderie and teamwork.  One in Nine comes highly recommended for anyone facing a challenge.

During the planning process for the One in Nine Team's race at the Head of the Charles in 2000, it became clear to Diane that the event should be recorded on film for posterity.  She contacted her cousin, Janet Van Ham, a photographer from Los Angeles, California and the rest is history.

"One in Nine" is a beautifully filmed profile of nine women - all breast cancer survivors- from across the country who team together to compete in the famous "Head of the Charles" rowing regatta on Boston’s Charles River.

In October 2000, Diane Cotting was ready to row - and just in time for the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta.  But instead of racing with her teammates, she decided to make a bold statement.  With her coach, Holly Metcalf, Olympic Gold medallist and founder of Row As One Institute, Diane found eight other women from across the country that were willing to announce to the world that they were breast cancer survivors.

The team, aptly named "One in Nine", was out to prove that with great coaching, hard work, and determination, breast cancer need not be a handicap, but rather a challenge to be faced and overcome.

Never having met before, these courageous women bond immediately and develop friendships overnight.  For five days the women arrive at the boathouse on the Charles River every morning at 6 a.m.    Coach Holly Metcalf, an Olympic gold medallist, spends each morning and afternoon training the women on the arduous three mile course.  In the midst of preparing for the competition, the youngest member of the team is diagnosed for a second time with a malignant tumor in her breast.

Through her own inner strength and team support, she decided to stay on the team.  And so, on race day, the women battled not just the obvious competitors, but also the demon cancer, pushing the disease further away with every stroke.  What emerges in this film is a story both spirited and spiritual, about overcoming the physical and psychological challenges of illness and ultimately about the joys of life and limb.

The women of the "One in Nine" boat know their efforts were worth the price.  Their story continues to be told in media coverage across the country.  Anyone facing breast cancer will know that this life changing diagnosis does not have to be a death sentence.

One in Nine is an exceptional film appropriate for all audiences.  Anyone who views this film will leave with insight into the dynamics of living life one challenge at a time.  Men, women, young adults and seniors will be inspired by these women.  And, whether you are a medical professional, patient, teacher or friend if you are interested in a story that celebrates the magnitude of the human spirit, One in Nine" is the film for you. 

*The title comes from the American Cancer Society’s 2000 statistic that one out of nine women will experience breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.

USA, 2001, 43 minutes, Director: Janet Van Ham, Producer: Diane Cotting


  •  Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, Lake Arrowhead, CA, Official Selection, 2003
  •  Greenwich Film Festival, Greenwich, CT, Official Selection, 2003
  •  Key West Indie Fest, Key West, FL, Winner, Best Documentary, 2003
  •  Telluride Indie Fest, Telluride, CO, Winner, Best Documentary, 2002
  •  Women's Film Festival, Brattleboro, VT,  Official Selection, 2002
  •  Empire State Film Festival, NY, Finalist, 2002
  •  Manchester Film Festival, Manchester, VT, Official Selection, 2001
  •  Dallas Video Film Festival, Dallas, TX, Official Selection, 2001
  •  Palm Beach International Film Festival, Pa1m Beach FL, Official     Selection, 2002
  •  Worldfest Houston, Houston TX, Platinum Award, 2002
  •  Marco Island Film Festival, Marco Island FL, Official Selection, 2001
  •  Telly Award, Winner, 2001

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"One in Nine is the story of nine very different women, coming together for four days of training and a race, bound by their individual journeys with breast cancer. They expose themselves, and share their journeys, with raw emotional honesty. In some way, breast cancer will forever be a part of their lives. For these nine women, life does go on, and they thrive. I was truly inspired, touched, and humbled by their strength."

Carolyn M. Kaelin, M.D.
The Gillette Center for Women's Cancer, Dana Farber Institute

"One in Nine is exceptional. Anyone who views this film will leave with insight into the dynamics of cancer survival. Friends family, medical personnel, therapists and others who care for survivors will have a better understanding of how they can offer appropriate support. Prepare to be educated, moved and inspired."

Maureen C. Keefe, Dean of Students
Wentworth Institute of Technology

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