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Diane Cotting and Speaker Nancy Roberge

The mission of Cotting Connection is to provide those enduring cancer with the resources they need to facilitate both physical and emotional healing.

Our motto is; Got Life? Get Living?

 Staying true to our course we are busy producing conferences, offering lectures, and presenting screenings of the film, One in Nine.  Our next goal is to make this website a place where cancer survivors can find information, support and services to help them make a smooth transition back to their active lives. 


Cancer Rehabilitation – The New Frontier

Cotting Connection presents unique Conferences in the field of Cancer Care. Click here for information on our last conference.

We introduce care practitioners (nurses, physical therapists, social workers, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, fitness professionals) & survivors to new surgeries and techniques used to treat patients of women’s cancers. Our goal is to reduce the risk for serious side effects or injury and lower the incidence of a cancer reoccurrence. Attendees receive a “Cancer Conscious Practitioner” (CCP) designation.


A successful rowing fundraiserFrom September 8-18, two middle-aged men, Alan Kitty and Steve Raffuel took a 300 mile journey on the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany in a two-man racing boat (scull). Their goal was to raise awareness and funding for programs that focus on peer support, and physical activity as critical parts of the recovery process for those who have experienced life-threatening ailments such as Heart Disease and Cancer. Cotting Connection was selected as an organization that would receive funds raised from this event. Please visit their site to share their experience, and get a taste for your own adventure of a lifetime and support the work of Cotting Connection at the same time.
To watch a video of this event, click here   Thank You Steve and Alan!

 SCREENINGS of "One in Nine"

No public screenings scheduled at this time
In October 2000, Diane Cotting was ready to row - and just in time for the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta. But instead of racing with her teammates, she decided to make a bold statement. With her coach, Holly Metcalf, Olympic Gold medalist and founder of Row As One Institute, Diane found 8 other women from across the country who were willing to announce to the world that they were breast cancer survivors. See how they came together to and experience their unforgettable journey to the finish line. One in Nine Story


Diane Cotting “Got Life? Get Living!”
No public dates scheduled at this time
When cancer collided with Diane Cotting the picture was not a pretty one. The 9 months of treatment were often difficult, but battle lines were drawn when she was told she might not be able to rejoin her crew team and row again. Diane’s story is touching but powerful. It’s about strength and vulnerability and it’s about friendship and teamwork. Her story is depicted in the award winning documentary film “One in Nine.”

Since then, One in Nine has been shown at film festivals, classroom and conferences across the country. Diane’s mission is to help cancer survivors return to their activities of daily living. But she encourages her audiences to approach life as a team, inspiring them to take better care of themselves by taking care of each other. For more information or to schedule a screening or a presentation, email us at


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