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Team Survivor of Breast Cancer
Diane Cotting with Coach Holly Metcalf
Staying true to our mission of providing resources and support for women enduring cancer with access to the resources they need to facilitate physical and emotional healing, we are busy with lectures, conferences, film showings, and making this website a place for information, support and resources.
Survivor's Resource Guide
Our Team
Cotting Connection Team Our devoted staff and volunteers dig deep to unearth existing care providers in order to expand our database for those in need of services. Then, to protect survivors from unnecessary injury, we "Train the Trainers" about cancer treatments so former patients may transition back to their every day lives safely.
Our team also develops new resources by educating personnel at local clubs, businesses and organizations on how to adapt their services and activities to safely accommodate survivors.
Cotting Connection support team With the help of grants from foundations, and donations from generous benefactors and friends, we are transforming standard aftercare protocol by focusing on the life after cancer.
When a physician recommends strength training and physical activity to a patient after surgery and chemo-therapy, our data base offers survivors links to physical therapists and fitness and exercise specialists who are familiar with the latest cancer treatments. We also locate classes, teams and clubs that prioritize cancer patients, thereby reducing the risk of injury from physical activity. The list grows daily.....
Diane Cotting, founder of Cotting Connection

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