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Breast Cancer Survivor's Resource Guide
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Diane Cotting is a breast cancer survivor who learned the true meaning of recovery once her "active" medical treatments ended.  Diane had been a member of the Style Driven Rowing Club of Boston for more than 5 years and had just completed a race with her crew team when she first heard the stunning diagnosis: She had cancer. She wondered how could this be?  She had never been "healthier".Cotting Connection, Boats on the Charles River
During Diane's battle with breast cancer she endured nine surgeries and four chemotherapy treatments over nine months.  Diane's biggest fear was not of losing her life, but of losing health and wellness.
Finally, she got the good news; the cancer was gone.  The bad news was the treatments had left her body ravaged.  Always the fighter, Diane was ready and anxious to rebuild.  But, as she checked out of the cancer center, she was given a list of "Don't - Do's" for cancer patients who have had surgery.  “Don't do repetitive motions.  Don’t lift more than 5 pounds.  Don’t garden….”  It was obvious to Diane that these restrictions did not apply to her.  After all, she was a rower! 

How We Got StartedCotting Connection, Staying Connected
Throughout her ordeal, Diane's close friends, rowing teammates and family identified her medical team and organized support services and resources to get her through the months of treatment.  After all was said and done, who would have thought she would be unable to locate aftercare providers familiar with cancer treatments in Boston, Massachusetts, the Mecca for cancer treatments in the Northeast?  As she picked up her “diploma” (an appointment for a follow-up visit a year later) Diane knew she was going to have to gather a new team of rehabilitation specialists on her own.

It was not long after Diane discovered this gap in the medical system that the nonprofit, Cotting Connection, was founded.  What began as one woman’s struggle to get back to her rowing team is now an organization with wings spread wide.  Cotting Connection transitions survivors back to active life, educates health care and fitness professionals about cancer rehabilitation, promotes inspirational stories and healthy lifestyles and offers upbeat accessories to support these survivorship programs.

Cotting Connection provides women with the resources they need to safely transition from active care to active life after cancer. A major goal has been the compilation of our "Survivor's Resource Guide". It is a work in progress, but it has made a very strong start. Take a look!


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